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  • A woman holding her baby walks around a mani stone scripture wall in Shiqu county of Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Southeast China's Sichuan province, July 2, 2016. On the grassland near the intersection of the Mamu River and the Yalong River locates a wall consisting of mani stone tablets with Buddhist inscriptions.

  • The food of the Tatar ethnic group is rich in variety and good taste, especially its pastries. Women from the Tatar ethnic group are good at making traditional pastries which have been passed down from their ancestors generation after generation.

  • Ordering a lobster while dining out may strike some as self-indulgent, but the country's connoisseurs eagerly welcome the crustaceans, even if it means flying the creatures from the United States, Australia or Canada.

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  • Heilongjiang's marshes offer places to explore nature while beating the heat. Yang Feiyue reports.

    Chen Yan enjoyed seeing wild birds as he boated over Heilongjiang province's Khanka Lake.